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How To Write A Good Essay

good essay Understanding how to write a good essay is a learning process. College students are expected to present their ideas and concepts while meeting high quality standards. The process is known to cause stress, confusion, and frustration even among students with exceptional writing abilities. The good news is there are steps students can take to help themselves learn the process by following a few simple steps. The following steps provide a brief overview on what you can do to get started writing a great essay.

  1. Learn about your topic through research. Take notes on your findings. Use the internet, library, and school database to help yourself become an expert on the topic. Study essays previously written on the subject matter.
  2. Compare your findings by analyzing and defining arguments. Now that you have had a chance to get familiar with the subject matter you need to be able to clearly understand how to define the main argument or purpose of written work you have studied. This is will help you when you need to create your own argument for your essay.
  3. Start brainstorming. This is where you work toward creating your own spin on the subject and define a topic to write about. Think about the subject and write down what comes to mind. This can be short sentences, words, phrases, or anything that pops in your head related to the subject. You are making observations on your own insight.
  4. Write your thesis statement. This is the main purpose or idea behind your essay. This will come from your final idea you decided from your brainstorming session. This will be a sentence that is a clear strong statement or argument your essay will be based on.
  5. Make an outline. This is an important aspect of how to write a good essay as it takes the entire assignment and breaks it down into smaller parts. You can have one sentence to describe each part and mention points you want to clarify later in the text. You are mapping out your argument and making the essay writing process easier for you.
  6. Write your introduction. This includes mentioning your thesis statement, usually toward the end, while providing background information on the topic. You should present details that will hook the reader.
  7. Write the body. This will be paragraphs that follow the introduction. Each paragraph explains a supporting point related to the main idea. You should have a topic sentence for each paragraph and supporting evidence that speaks clearly to the reader.
  8. Write the conclusion. This closes the essay while restating your thesis and supporting points. Leave a lasting impression with the reader using interesting logic, quote, or something meaningful related to the text.
  9. Format your essay according to guidelines presented. The most common essay style is MLA. Cite works properly and list sources on a reference page if required.
  10. Polish your essay by editing, proofreading, and revising your content. Check grammar, word usage, and punctuation.

Useful Writing Tips for Your Essay

Take your time brainstorming potential topics for your essay. This allows you to find something more suitable for your interests and abilities. Review guidelines carefully for your essay. The type of essay will help you choose a suitable topic. Proofreading, editing, and revising your work is an important part of good essay writing. Use essay writing exercises as a way to help you improve your skills overtime. You can also review essay examples to get a better idea of how to present your ideas and overall content structure to work towards.


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