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Where to Look for an Example Four-Paragraph Essay Online

The standard format for school essays is a five-paragraph paper. If you’re assigned with a four-paragraph essay, you may need to look at some sample papers before you start writing. The Internet is a great source to search for examples. Often, you won’t even have to pay for them.

Free Online Sources

  1. The website of your school.
  2. Almost all schools and colleges have websites nowadays. The online resource of your school should contain different materials that can help students do their homework. If you search thoroughly, you’re likely to find at least one template for your academic paper.

  3. Educational websites.
  4. There are many websites that educate their visitors on different subjects. Some of them specialize exclusively on academic writing. We recommend this site because it’ll provide you with both high-quality examples and useful tips on how to structure and compose your essays.

  5. Online libraries.
  6. You may find plenty of free databases on the Internet. Such websites store electronic versions of books, magazines, and even academic papers. If you’re lucky, you’ll find a few templates that will suit you. The problem is that the quality of such examples might not be very high.

  7. Student forums.
  8. There are special forums where students communicate with each other on topics related to academic writing. If you register on such a website, you’ll be able to post your request about sample papers in the relevant thread of a forum. It’s likely that some forum members will respond to you and provide you with their examples.

  9. Social networks.
  10. Ask your friends from social networks whether they have templates that can be of use to you. They’re likely to provide you with their samples for free or recommend other sources that can help you. Joining academic communities within social networks is also a good idea. This will allow you to find people who can provide you with useful information or materials much quicker.

    Offline Sources

    Obviously, the web isn’t the only source to look for essay templates. There are many sources that you may approach without the need to use your computer. For example, you may ask a teacher who assigned you with this task to give you sample papers. Another good option is to visit your school library and search for papers written by other students that you’ll be able to use as templates. Local academic centers should also provide you with top-quality examples, but you may need to pay for their services.


Online Resources