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Off- and Online Resources Offering Effective Essay Writing Help

Off-line resources

  • Your Tutor - should be your first line of support. They may have already given several lessons that focus on essay writing, but this does not mean that you may not need some extra help. Ask them if they have anymore hints or tips that may help you.
  • You may find that other students in your group may also benefit from some extra help, forming a study group may help. If you form a group it may then be an idea to ask your Tutor to give an extra session on essay writing for the group.
  • Learning Support. Most schools and colleges have a Learning Support department. This department can be a treasure trove of support and ideas. Learning Support tutors can guide you through the process of essay writing and at the same time they can give you any extra tuition you may need to complete the task. This is one of the best ideas for support as you will get 1-1 support. The down side to this is that you will need to book your support time well in advance, especially before end of term, or end of course exams.
  • The Library. Check with your school or college Librarian if there are any worksheets or handouts that you can work through to help you.

Online resources

  • The Library. No, this is not a typo. Go back to the Librarian and ask if there is any computer program that you can use to help you develop your essay writing skills.
  • Learning Support. Yes, back to the Learning Support Department. If you specifically ask for a computer program that could help you improve your skills, they may have access to program that are not available to the general student community. Again this needs to be booked in advance.
  • Websites. There are several website that offer step by step instructions that are concise and helpful. There are also several U-tube and video presentations that are helpful. If you find a video that explains things really well for you, you can watch it several times unlike a classroom presentation by your tutor.
  • Online Tuition. There are also several websites that offer online tuition. This is different to the section above, as this is personalized. This type of help may not be entirely free, you may be allowed one free session but after that you may have to pay. But this will still work out less expensive than hiring a local personal tutor.

Online Resources