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Creating A Solid Essay Introduction Basic Instructions

The first impression is usually the most important one. It may create either positive or negative attitude toward a person. An introduction is the first thing the reader will see in the essay. It creates the mood of the whole paper and gives an idea of what the paper will be about. A nicely done introduction can bring a positive disposition of the reader, while a bad one can prevent the reader from further reading of the work. Here are several tips that will make your introduction as interesting as possible.

  1. Hook the reader.
  2. The most important thing the essay writer should do is to draw attention. The first introduction sentence should be like a web into which you’ll catch the reader. Create some sort of an intrigue that will encourage further reading.

  3. Apply informative facts that might be interesting for the reader.
  4. Even if it’s an essay, it shouldn’t be boring. Readers want interesting facts. Even a single sentence with some peculiar fact can be a bright spot of your introduction. However, don’t use dry statistics from the body of the paper. It can scare off the reader.

  5. Add some humor.
  6. An essay is a science work, but it shouldn’t be 100% serious. In case you’re writing a less formal paper, a humorous insertion can be added. A funny story will give readers a hint of what you are going to talk about in the essay. Though it will be done in more reader friendly way.

  7. Give background information.
  8. Not all the readers have the same information on the topic you do. To provide a proper understanding of your paper, add some background data to the introduction.

  9. Write convincingly.
  10. Use evidence that will show that you conducted some research. It should refer to the used sources. Stick to the topic of an essay and try to put the information the way it will be stated in the body. Don’t forget to cite the sources properly.

  11. Give a clear thesis statement.
  12. During writing the end of the introduction, you should summarize all the information you argued about in so called “thesis”. This summary should be not more than 1-2 sentences. You should find a way to connect the beginning of your essay with the main theme of the whole work.

  13. Mind the length of the introduction.
  14. An introduction shouldn’t be too long. An approximate length of the introduction is not more than half of the length of the body paragraph.


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