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Writing An Argument Analysis Essay: Tips To Help You Find An Excellent Example

When you are going to write an argument analysis essay that are some easy steps that you can follow to complete it.

  • The first thing you need to find is the thesis of your argument that you are going to analyse.
  • Make a list of all of the evidence that you have on your argument to support the thesis of it.
  • When you are looking for data to use in your essay, you have to stay away from arguments that are too emotional, are generalizations, or any information that might be misleading to your analysis or argument.
  • All of your references should come from very credible sources and you want all of your sources to be strong ones.
  • You opening analysis paragraph should end with your thesis. You can disagree or agree with your thesis but you need all the information to prove it right or wrong.
  • All of your points that you address in it need to be in order or you will confuse the reader. And save the strongest point you have until last, this will really help your essay’s point.
  • Make sure all of the points you make to support your argument or analysis are from current references; you don’t want to give old information on the topic.
  • When you are concluding it, you want it to be on a strong point or a short discussion on the topic.

Where To Find Excellent Examples

Now that you know how to make your essay great, here are some of the places you can go to get examples of analysis essays.

  • Knewton is a great place to see a great analysis papers. Here they give you the prompt and other works that were written by students to analysis it.
  • MBA Dot COM is another great place that has an example of an argument analysis essay. Here too they give you the prompt and then how to properly answer it.
  • ETS has over ten different examples that you can use as an example of this kind of paper. They give you what the subject is on and even give each essay on the page a score. This way you can see which were the best and which ones need a little more work.

All of these websites will help you write your paper and they give you great examples to use.


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