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A Good Essay

 In order to compose a good essay, it is necessary to avoid mistakes. One obvious path is to utilize the spell check feature on the computer. However the writer has noticed that oftentimes the spell check doesn’t pick up all mistakes, for example, the spell check may not pick up poor English or poor word usage or any of the other myriad of mistakes that can occur in composition. It’s best for the author to proofread their work once or twice. Then he may ask a friend to read it over with him. They can pick up errors on their own by sight and/or by ear.

English Resources

This however would be only a partial answer. Having an English Grammar and Composition book and/or other materials such as CD-ROMs, DVD’s, Tapes, etc. available for constant reference may be advisable. Taking an English course is not an unreasonable proposition either.

English Rules and Guidelines

The writer should endeavor to review the Grammar and Composition resources thoroughly. This is with the assumption that the writer has been exposed to the rules and suppositions of English Grammar and Composition during their education. The writer should pay particular attention to not only good usage (correct agreement, correct pronoun usage, and correct verb usage), but to sentence structure and other aspects of composition as well. In addition to these areas, there are many, many irregular verbs for which rules and guidelines must be studied and memorized. In these cases, memory appears to be one of the few methods of learning word usage rules because the irregular verbs don’t fit under the guidelines of the more general rules.

Command of English

Having a basic command of the English language is necessary when making an effort to write an acceptable composition. One should come in with a skeletal model at the very least of grammar, word usage, the use of reference materials, sentence structure, and composition.

It would be advisable, however, for the writer to address weak areas; areas that weren’t emphasized during his or her education. The most helpful thing, may be to use the English resources as constant points of reference.

There are a few other things to take into consideration when creating a composition.

One is the writer’s typing skills. Having a good command of the English language can prove to be futile if the writer’s typing skills are poor. In addition to addressing their issues with English Grammar and Composition, the writer must address his or her typing issues. The writer should, again gather resource materials, if he or she does not have them already, and use them constantly, as they write.

Working Equipment

Finally the writer could benefit from having current equipment which is in good repair. There is nothing worse than not being able to compose because of equipment failure. If the writer wishes to pursue his or her craft, it may be a wise idea to make an investment in his future and purchase the necessary lap top, tablet, kindle, cell phone, books, tapes, CD’s, CD-ROMS, etc, needed  so that he can work effectively.


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