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Who Can Help You to Write an Essay for Free

Writing an essay can be challenging, especially for the first timer. All the rules of style, research, quality statements, and such all can work to make it hard. Getting help to learn how to write an effective essay can do wonders to help a student. But not every student can afford to pay for help, so what then? Who can help you to write an essay for free?

  1. Classmates, or Study Groups
  2. School
  3. Websites
  4. Libraries

Classmates and Study Groups

Classmates can be a great help. If the student knows another student that is good with essays, then they might be able to get them to offer some help. Especially if they are working on similar papers. The more experienced student can explain how they are doing things; so the weaker student can learn, and apply the information to their own. As long as they are doing their own work this is no problem. Study groups work because each member has their strengths and weaknesses. A member that is strong in writing essays, can explain how to do them, and give pointers.


Schools offer a lot of help, in that they have numerous resources the student can use. From the books they use in class: Textbook, Style Handbook, and Writer’s Handbook. Then there are the services. Many Colleges and Universities have student Services Departments, which have everything from counselors, to tutors, that can help a student. Many of these services are free, especially to low income students.


There are many websites that can offer a lot of help to students. Some cost and some are free. But even many of the cost sites have free services, like tutorials. Often, even the school, he student goes to has tutorials for the student they can read for free. Some of the student support sites offer free services across the board, like tutors and editing. It is worth the time for a student to check into these sites, and find one that fits their needs; so when they need help, they already have the site saved.


Both the School and Public Libraries can offer a lot of help, and it does not cost. Many Librarians either have graduated, or are working to graduate, and are proficient with writing essays. Sometimes they have study sessions where people that are good at writing essays will be there to help students.


Online Resources