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What Are The Basic Elements Of A Descriptive Essay?

The descriptive essay is a piece of writing that will help to create a picture of a thing. This thing could involve a person, animal, location or even a series of events and the author will describe this particular concept to create a visual picture for the reader of what they are discussing. The descriptive author will draw on each of the senses to compose this work and include the following basic elements.

Sensory descriptions of the subject

The first basic element that must be included in this type of composition is to create a sensory description of the subject matter. This description will include each of the five senses of hearing, touch, smell, sight and taste as is appropriate for the subject of the writing so that the reader will develop a sensory image of the topic the writer is describing.

Develop similarities with figurative language

To draw in the reader and make them truly understand what you are describing many authors will use figurative language. Figurative language will compare two similar or possibly dissimilar thins in order to create a more vivid description of the topic.

Presenting your impression

The next element of a descriptive piece of writing is that the author will present their impression of the item. You want to draw on your own feelings and experiences with the item to add a personal touch that will create a more vivid image for your reader to use as they read your work.

Precise verbiage

Writing a descriptive work is not the time for wishy-washy descriptions or vague words but instead must be precise and accurate. If you want to create a true visual image for your reader that an item is grey do not say that the color almost black but not quite, you will want to say that they item was grey. Descriptive writing is not the place for vagueness so make sure to use precise words and descriptions in your writing.

Logical organization

When you are describing something you will want to create the image in a logical manner. For example, if you are describing a person you will want to begin with facial features then move on to their body and appearance rather than saying they have big feet and blue eyes which gives the impression the person may be built rather unusually.

No matter what you choose as a topic, include these elements in your descriptive work and you will have a top quality piece of writing.


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