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Top 12 Easy Essay Topics For College Students

If there is one thing that you have to brace yourself for when you get admitted into college, it is the fact that you will find yourself writing countless assignments and essays. This is something that not so many students are ever willing to accept, but in the long run when you make your peace with it, it becomes one of the best realizations ever.

The challenge for most students is not being able to find the perfect topic under which they can write a good essay, but this is not supposed to be a problem as such. When you come to think of it, with a good helper, you can easily get yourself writing one of the best papers so far. Herein are some 12 topics that you can start working on:

  1. Provide an accurate and vivid description of an interesting place you have ever visited in your life
  2. What do you dream to become in the future? Map out a plan on how you want to achieve that.
  3. Xenophobia is wildly spreading in parts of the world. Discuss the causes and what can be done to prevent such abhorring behavior
  4. If you had one month to live, discuss how you would use that one month to leave a lasting impact on the world
  5. Discuss how social media helps in the learning outcome in a normal class situation
  6. Which one would you choose between working in a corporate office, or starting a successful business
  7. Give reasons why most small and medium sized businesses fail within a short while
  8. Explain some of the changes that should be introduced into the learning curriculum to make it easier for students find employment once they are through with school.
  9. Are community colleges inferior to the mainstream learning institutions?
  10. McDonalds turns away more job applications on an annual basis than Harvard. Discuss citing reasons and possible solutions to the underlying problems.
  11. Discuss the limits to your freedom as a student, and highlight some clauses which should be implemented to improve on your rights, while at the same time upholding the law
  12. Imagine for a moment that you have been asked to write a story of your life from conception to this moment; what title would you choose for this story? Why would you choose that particular title?

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