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Where Can I Get Great GRE Issue Essay Examples

A GRE issue essay is designed to check whether you can use your writing, analytical, and reasoning skills while you are responding to a certain issue. When you are preparing for the GRE test, you should pay attention to the necessary component that measures your analytical writing abilities. You should understand the assigned problem, develop your own position, and whether you agree or disagree with the claims of others. It sounds complicated, but you should not come up with a single right answer; your task is rather to develop your ideas and defend them efficiently by using your skills and common knowledge.

Sample GRE issue essay topics are easily found online or in numerous manuals and textbooks. You can visit your school library or go to the nearest academic writing center to get information about the test and how to prepare for it. One of the most popular suggestions is to look through great examples of writing responses. The advantages of such a preparation method are the following:

  • You will figure out what topics you may be required to cover in your paper.
  • The essays are usually provided exactly as written, so you will understand what mistakes you should avoid.
  • It is a good idea to realize how the example meets the assessment criteria for a received score.
  • It is useful to learn the winning ways to organize your writing.
  • Other writers demonstrate different approaches to a position development and logical reasoning.
  • In an example paper, you can follow how its author makes effective transitions both within and between paragraphs.

Obviously, to learn everything mentioned above, you should pick top-scored essays. You can find the best examples if you check the resources mentioned below:

  • The official website of the GRE
  • Websites of professional writing agencies
  • Educational resources for students
  • English language study portals
  • Student educational forums
  • GRE study groups
  • Materials at the school library

If you want, you can consult your supervisor or talk to your classmates in order to find out where they got GRE writing samples. Typically, students use several resources, trying to read and analyze as many examples as they can. It makes sense to discuss different practices together. Group study sessions are an effective way to improve your understanding of the assignment and study great techniques that will help you get a desired score. However, only practice makes perfect, so you should also write several essays to develop the necessary skills.


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