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Composing An Essay On Something Is Better Than Nothing

This may sound like a confusing topic, but it can be taken in many different ways, which may add interest to the writing. For example, you may consider whether doing something is better than doing nothing, or whether having something is better than having nothing. Some people complain about not having enough time to do what they want to do, yet everyone has the same amount of time, every day. It’s just what you choose to do with your time.

What to something and nothing really mean?

Some people complain about not having enough money or toys. Yet do they appreciate what they do have, and do they realize many people have less or even nothing? There are some commodities that are more essential to human existence, should everybody have enough of those, and how do you make sure they do, like food, shelter, warmth and love?

Something isn’t always better than nothing, when you consider negative things. For example, disease, problems, struggles or challenges. Yet most people don’t apply these types of things to this topic.

Compare and contrast styles of writing could also be brought into this type of paper. For example, was writing on stone better than writing on papyrus? The stone writers didn’t have paper yet there was still some advantages to writing on stone, mostly the ability to last and not decay.

The philosophical perspective

To get very philosophical, some may argue that nothing still means something. When people say they have next to nothing, does that mean just a little more than nothing, or does it mean less than nothing. Yet how can you have less than nothing. Some people say they have nothing to their name, which means they are so poor they own nothing. Yet it usually means they have very little, rather than nothing.

To write this paper, think about which angle you want to take. Which perspective do you want to use? Do you want to take a concrete example and expound on it or do you want to get very philosophical and argue about what the something and the nothing really mean?

Completing the research

Once you’ve finalized your topic idea, the research is the next step. You need to find enough examples, data, writings and sources to support your ideas. Using the information you have gathered from your research, you can form an outline. Writing the paper isn’t as difficult as you may think when you have an outline to follow.


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