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To kill a mockingbird essay

The main reason students get handed a ‘To kill a mockingbird’ essay is to test their ability in analyzing the deep rooted message of the 1960 novel by Harper Lee. There are fundamental principals learnt by the characters of the book, and it is likely that your professor wants to see if you recognized those principals.

The success of this novel has sparked thousands of essays to be written on it. Intriguing characters like Scout, Jem and Atticus are considered imaginary heroes of the literary world. Lessons of betrayal, prejudice and fear of change are all intertwined in this story. Reading the novel and fishing out these lessons is your job when writing a ‘To kill a mockingbird’ essay.

The study of human behavior

Because you are writing this essay in college, it is likely that you are expected to take a very mature approach to analyzing the story. Do not spend too much time mentioning the obvious; look for the deeper meaning. Unless your professor advices you differently, write an APA format essay. Human science papers are usually done in an APA style.

The characters

You are spoilt for choice when seeking a character to focus on for this paper. Consider the father, Atticus and his approach to parenting. How he comforts his foster kids while preparing them for life by putting them through hard situations. Or perhaps you would enjoy discussing the glue that attempts to hold the family together and keep up appearances; Aunt Alexandra. Much could be said of Boo Radley and his curious actions during the novel.

Feel free to explore more options that are not as obvious. You will find yourself confronting many issues that we deal with today in our society. Choosing your character/s will also pave the way for the rest of your essay.

The principals

To write that the book is all about racism is way too broad. Racism is the means in this book to teach other harsh realities about people and the way they respond to certain challenges. Once you have a character to analyze, make sure you apply the lessons the reader can learn from the character as well as the lessons that the character learnt in the book itself.

Try analyzing your principles from the angle of your character, and the angle of any adversaries the character had to deal with. One of the main points of the book is to see things from opposite perspectives.

The failures

The people of Maycomb play a significant role in the book in terms of prejudice. Mr. Ewell and his daughter also harbour unsavoury motives that attempt to ruin the life of a black man. Looking at your character and influences that affect them, discuss failures as a subject and how these failures should be made right from a moral point of view.


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