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How To Write An Essay On The American Revolution

The American Revolution is a saga of liberation of human spirit. It suggests that we often yield to submission because we feel our life is more convenient during dependence. However, we must strive to extricate ourselves from thrusting parties and emerge independent; even if the latter life promises trials and tribulations.

Strife against colonialism

United States of America, as is called now, was a British colony in the year 1765. It was then that thirteen states rose in arms and mental strife against colonialism and sought independence to accrue or extract their own taxes. The essay on American Revolution has great scopes.

The Patriots kept showing seeds of rebellion, as is evident in the Boston Tea party, but knew they will have to fight it out with the mercurial British army. They had two favors though. Firstly, People in Britain had a soft corner for the American cause. Secondly, the weather frequently played tantrums.

Roles played by Statesmen

You will have to address the part played by the statesmen of the time in keeping the military personnel and common gentry inspired. Once the 1776 British attack failed, they understood that the game is over and they restricted themselves to North of Mississippi. In the meanwhile, French, Spanish and Dutch had joined the Patriots (American progressive group).

The Revolution led to the drafting and implementation of the charter of Independence that became reality on 4th July, 1777. The 13 states, by then, all had a prominent Government made of locals. Yes, it was asserted that the rich and mighty in America had to be given special privileges. Thus, slavery remained a sordid fact (until Lincoln abolished it).

The internal strife

Post 1777, the rebellion came from inside. The war had exhausted American resources and vacated the treasury, and the military personnel pined for their share of the pie. Situations were largely developing towards a coup d’état and this meant another sort of tyrannical thrust.

George Washington, with foresight and determination, brought the military under his anvil by assuring them of 5 years bonus in 1783. And so, the country had become stable and independent, going through the Revolution in many ways, becoming United States of America.

The lone superpower

This pro-active germ is the main reason behind how USA has turned into a lone superpower on the planet within 250 years. You can drive your essay through the salient points of the revolution.


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