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Where Can I Find Good Essay Topics For High School: 5 Sources

If you are looking for good essay topics for high school there are five places you can look:

  1. Look through your text books. Your course text books are a great place to start looking for essay topics. The headings and subheadings should serve as the best place to find a generic topic for your high school essay.
  2. Look at previous essays and samples. Whether you find these samples online or at the library or they are given to you by your teacher they are sure to give you some great ideas for a potential topic for your paper.
  3. Ask your teacher for topics. Your teacher is there to help you succeed. If you are struggling to come up with a topic you can ask them for any topics they might have.
  4. Ask other students. You would be surprised what other students know about your class even if they took it years ago or are in it now. You can get a wealth of topic ideas from other students that perhaps you did not think of.
  5. Look online. The internet is full of potential topics for all manner of subjects and course levels. You can find things appropriate for your grade and your class online and use them as a starting point for your essay. If you are drafting an essay about a cause and/or effect you can use some of the topics below as potential topics for your paper:
    • Write about the different effects of moving into a new city
    • Write about the cause of DVD sales declining
    • Write about the growth of online shopping
    • Write about the increasing costs of college tuition and what causes it
    • Write about what causes students to drop out of college
    • Write about why many students find math and science courses so challenging
    • Write about why roommates often fail to get along
    • Write about why junk food remains enticing even if adults know it is not good for them
    • Write about the long term effects that unemployment has on adults
    • Write about why many children run away from home
    • Write about the effects that illegal downloading of music has had on the music industry
    • Write about why certain books or movies can have such a powerful impact on people’s lives

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