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Useful Instructions on How to Come Up with the Unique Explanatory Essay Topics

The explanatory writing assignment is a genre that asks you to investigate an idea, expound on the idea, evaluate the evidence and put forth a concrete argument clearly and concisely. This could be accomplished in various forms including, definition, example, compare and contrast or the analysis of cause and effect. This type of assignment is a tool for evaluation of a student’s writing skills and makes its way in various exams or standardized tests. It’s generally accepted that the best essays have unique topics, so here are some tips to discover some really cool ones:

Define Your Purpose

If you aren’t assigned a specific topic then the whole world of possibilities is at your disposal. The first step is figuring out what your instructor wants you to accomplish with the assignment. Are you being asked to persuade people to take a side on an issue? Are you explaining how to complete a specific task? Or are you educating your reader about a specific person, place or idea? Whatever topic you choose needs to address and follow a specific purpose.

Brainstorm Topics of Interest

As soon as you’ve determined the purpose of your assignment start to brainstorm some topics that interest you. Be creative and jot down everything that comes to mind. It doesn’t matter what the purpose of your assignment is, every topic you explore could be a really good topic. If you need some help brainstorming take a look at the things around you. Are there anything about your surroundings that intrigue you? Think about what things occur or exist in your life. What occupies your thoughts or times? Make a list of things of good topics; don’t hesitate but simply write down anything that comes to mind.

Evaluate Each Topic Idea

Once you’ve come up with a list of about five to ten topics you’re ready to choose the best one. Consider each one individually. Come up with a basic rating structure and assign each one a mark depending on how much you would enjoy writing about it. If your purpose is to educate then the topic should be something you can confidently discuss and are informed about. If your assignment is to persuade your reader then you should choose something you are passionate about. Don’t forget that whatever topic you do choose must have several points upon which you can write on.


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