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How To Choose Excellent College-Level Essay Topics

Are you worried because you have to write a great topic for your college essay? Do you want to know the structure and features of an excellent topic? Do you want to create a catchy topic that will impress your readers? Do you know what the important things your topic should include are?

Look at the examples below to understand the format and structure of a good topic for a college essay

Example topics for college level students

  1. Is there any relation between unemployment and increasing divorce rates in an economy?
  2. Do children of divorce parents face problems in their practical lives?
  3. Can people be more efficient because of monetary incentives in a company?
  4. How can employers keep their work force motivated to decrease their labor turn over?
  5. What are the best ways to control poverty in an economy?
  6. Who is the most legendary personality in pop culture? Why do you think so?
  7. How can people promote peace and harmony among communities and avoid decisions made on racism, or a kind of biasness?
  8. Has the United States succeeded in eradiating racism from the minds of its people and its culture?
  9. What were the main causes of civil war in America?
  10. Why did the Great Britain shift convicts to Australian Island and how it became an independent country?
  11. What are the consequences of factory waste going into rivers and lakes? Should companies be more thoughtful while dumping their waste material?
  12. Which is the most successful American president of all times and why is that so?
  13. Do you think democracy is the best form of political system to run a state in ideal conditions?
  14. What is the autocratic and democratic type of leadership in a business environment?
  15. Why do people kill, steal or commit any other crime? Are they born evil or some circumstances and events make them so?
  16. Do you think perfect competition can exist in an economy? What is the closest example to perfect competition in your economy
  17. How can the government control monopoly and its owners who exploit the consumers?
  18. How easy is it to start a business online or to setup a physical business, which one is easier? Discuss how
  19. Drug use is not as bad as drug abuse
  20. Smoking is not the only addiction we should educate our children about

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