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Mobile Robots

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Of all the technological innovations that reshaped the world, robots truly are the most fantastic. It seems that only a few decades ago, these machines could only exist on the pages of science fiction novels. Today, there are real mobile robots in many facilities performing all kinds of tasks. The future looks brighter with their input in technological progress.

There are different kinds of mobile robots that perform a great variety of jobs. People have not yet reached the point where they will be able to use these machines as everyday household helpers, but the evolution of robotics is definitely heading this way. The machines that exist today are used for exploring other planets and the moon, finding landmines and bombs, transporting all kinds of cargos, monitoring the conditions inside a building or a patient’s body, and many other tasks that are equally important. Medical robots truly stand out among their brethren, as their extremely high levels of efficiency and accuracy allows them to be used to perform complex surgeries. The risks patients face are reduced by several points.

Further development of robotics will also be an incredible help to disabled people. The machines designed to help with their everyday activities while monitoring their health condition will help many people increase their quality of life. Numerous business owners who have access to robots confirm that they serve as an excellent solutions to many production and transportation problems. This increases the interest and demand for the machines, which in turn provides more funds to invest into further research and development in robotics.

Despite all the positive things that robots bring to the lives of people today and their tremendous potential, there are those who fight and condemn this line of research. Their arguments are mostly based on the very same science fiction stories that have introduced the idea of robots. The fear that people will create a machine that will eventually enslave or destroy humans is something that should not be ridiculed. The risk of violence is always present when one deals with an intelligent creature. Should an artificial intelligence of a high enough level be created, this concern can indeed turn into reality. Do people need to stop the development of robotics to avoid this risk? The answer to this question is a definite no. There are risks in everything, and avoiding all of them is impossible. Not exploiting the numerous possibilities offered by robots will stunt the progress of technology and humanity as a whole.

Robotics is a branch of science that gets more and more recognition with every passing year. It can change the face of the world, and should be welcomed and used for the benefit of all people.


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