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How to choose the best among criminal justice essay topics

Criminal justice is a system that is used to convict a criminal but with the hope of rehabilitation. Studying crime and the criminal justice system with this hope can be invigorating. When choosing your topic, it’s important to think about the following:

Research don’t’ just Google

The easy way out is to Google a topic and reference something that has been written before. The brave way to find your topic would be to research crime stories, actual cases or even a biography on a real life criminal to draw your own conclusions.


Crime and the Law can be very specific and just the smallest errors can change the message and skew the facts. Just like in a court case, ensuring that you gather all your details as factually as possible is essential. Play the lawyer and review both sides of the story with as much energy as the side your mind is already set on. Be fair to your topic and your reader by showing them all the facts, so that they can see where and how you settled on your final point.

Interesting& emotional

It always helps to break a topic down into interesting headings, points or facts, in order to hold the reader’s attention. Break down the detail into bite-size pieces and don’t hold back on the emotion. Crime is an emotional topic that both the criminal and the victim would have experienced. See if there is a connection to the crime and the victim. Keep looking for patterns.


To keep yourself on track, research a crime topic that is currently top-of mind within the country and reference this in your paper. If you can, you could even try writing a mock up of how this particular situation could proceed through the criminal justice system.


As with all essays, if the paper is written in an organized fashion, it is easier and more pleasant to read. Also, remembering the basic format of introduction, body and conclusion, could save you some extra points if you have made any other errors.

With a topic like criminal justice, facts tend to play a large role. It is very important that while explaining the details you make sense by ensuring your body paragraphs flow from one to the other in a logical format. This will ensure that you don’t lose the reader.


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