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Useful Tips For Writing An Essay On Rap Music And Violence

If you have to combine two different papers on rap and violence, it is of utmost importance that you take help and learn what should be included and what should be excluded from the paper. But of the task is to write a single paper that talks about both the subjects, you will do well to look into the different available prospects. Here is what you should get sorted right at the start.

There is a difference

There is a primary difference between the two chapters and you should not make an attempt into trying to prove that the two are the same. Here are some primary differences between the two subjects.

  • One is a form of music and the other is a street situation
  • There are differences in execution
  • There can be different forms of approaches

You need to underline the differences every time you look to make a contraction in the paper about the two forms.

And there are certain similarities

There is also a certain degree of similarity between the two forms. You may readily explore that in your paper. There is something that can be done at every level, starting from the level of expression. There are people that believe rap to be the theory of violence. Of course, a number of people do not agree to that as well.

You are generally free to explore the similarities in the paper. The essay can talk about a number of things and this is where you will have to be a little cautious as well. Some writers tend to extend the similar line too far ahead and you should not give in to the temptation.

Do not push the agenda too hard

It is all right to have an agenda at the start of the paper. But you must not push it in a fact-less manner. Your paper will sound more credible if you can point out evidences of similarities and substantiate your claims with examples. That will give the due measure of credence to the essay.

Explore the contradictory voices in literature

The existing literature on the subject must be brought on to the surface as well. There are people that have spoken for the issue and there are those that have spoken against the issue. You should explain the contradiction that exists on the issue. After you have explored these, you should make sure all that is relevant should be explored first.


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