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Sources with Expository Essay Topics for College Students

If you are in college and tasked with writing an expository essay then you will need to find a great expository essay topic. What are some of the best sources with expository essay topics for college students?

  1. Your instructions. The instructions that your teacher gives you will most likely come with a suggested topic or at least a place to start when looking for a topic. Many teachers will also give you a sample from which to review the requirements for the project.
  2. Your text. If you are asked to write an expository essay chances are it is for a literature or English writing course. That being said you will likely have many textbooks and writing guides that are full of useful material and possible topics for an expository essay. You should review the textbooks you have for potential topics and sources.
  3. Your course notes. The best topics are those for which you have passion and interest. They are also things that relate to the course and/or topic assigned to you. Your course notes and lecture materials will act as a treasure trove of potential topics and materials that you can use for your essay. Look over your notes for any questions you have or any random things you thought were interested but you were unable to expound upon earlier.
  4. Your school library. The school library will contain a database of writing guides and books as well as previously published student essays. In all of these areas you can locate many potential topics for your expository essay.
  5. The internet. Last but not least there is the internet. The internet is one of the biggest treasure troves of information out there and if you know how to navigate it and sift through the bad sources to find the good sources you will be well on your way to finding the best expository paper topics.

In all of these sources you can not only locate potential paper topics but also find guides and notes on how to improve your writing and craft a great expository essay. Remember to ask for help if you need it. Your teacher and any school librarians are there to help you. They can point you in the right research direction or help you locate examples of previous papers. They can even give you tips on improving your writing.


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