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5 Simple Tips That Explain How to Find Persuasive Essay Topics

Students enjoy their experience of writing persuasive essays when they choose topics which are relatable and provide scope for presenting their opinions and views on the subject, which is close to their heart. They derive this quality of turning out a persuasive essay by learning from their own personal experiences, when they were hooked up in a spot and the situation demanded them to butter up adults, for example parents or teachers, to escape getting nagged by them.

Be it for seeking permission from parents to watch a movie or skip their study program, persuasion is a useful tool of finding means to get it their way, either by hook or crook. This situation may involve notoriety, but while writing a persuasive essay in order to convince the reader about your stand, it requires a solid argument to debate on a topic and consider its pros and cons while explaining your stand. Therefore, finding a suitable topic becomes a primary criteria to begin with the process of persuasion, practice of diplomacy or when the situation demands, even baffling the readers into accepting your opinion. As the famous quote says, “If you cannot convince them, confuse them”.

On a serious note, some important advice on finding a persuasive essay topic are given below to help you build a strong argument without sounding demanding or too dogmatic:

  • ADVICE 1: Jot down in a chart the ideas and topics that were shared with the class. Revisiting the chart may glow a bulb in your head to find the apt topic or a related idea, which makes for a good persuasive argument. Save these topics for persuasive essays.
  • ADVICE 2: Discuss to squeeze out different perspectives. Initiate discussions with people around you to broaden your perspective and explore deeply into the vast ocean of topics that provide sufficient scope for persuasion. Try discussing it with a friend by presenting an opinion, which contradicts their views and try to persuade them into agreeing with your ideas. If this demo works, then so will your persuasive essay, based on the probability scale of intellectuals whom you tried to convince prior to writing the essay.
  • ADVICE 3: Brainstorm your ideas by looking for resources which provide suitable ideas in finding persuasive essay topics. While doing this, do not forget to skim through your own notebooks which may end up being the best resource just like the underdogs who manage a win in the football match. Also, personal experience on the topic makes it easier to persuade others. Many ideas and opinions may strike, which you may find relatable like capital punishment, lowering age for acquiring driving license, encourage women in the army or combat exercises, gun control, etc. These topics can offer an olive branch for persuading your critics on the issues.
  • ADVICE 4: If finding a topic is difficult, then break down your ideas to persuade specific groups like women’s group, government authorities, judicial system, teachers, friends, parents, adults, etc., and then choose relevant topics, which relate to them.
  • ADVICE 5: Stay updated on current events. Just a small effort to switch on the TV can provide you with a burning issue or an idea which offers fodder for your persuasive essay writing. Even skimming the newspaper and magazines can provide many ideas, which you can throw it open for discussion.

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