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5 Great Suggestions on How to Improve Your Essay Writing Skills

Five suggestions for writing a good essay

If you want to learn the art of writing an essay, you have come to the right page. This article discusses the five key elements of a good essay. Not only an essay but if you follow these five rules for all kinds of writing, you will see a huge change in the quality of your writing. Remember it is the quality of writing, which makes any paper good or bad. Even if you gave the same content to three different writers or even more, you would clearly see a difference between how they compose an essay out of it. If you understand the following elements and start implementing them in your writing, you will be surprised to see how helpful they turned out for you. Even though these are some simple steps and there is no rocket science in them, but collectively they make a huge impact. You might feel like some of them are too obvious to be in this list but whatever is listed is important.

Stay precise

First and most important tip for good writing, rather great writing is staying to the point. Using fluff and repeating the same idea again in different words will only increase the length of your paper, not the quality. They say wise person is the one who completes his message in the smallest dialogue. Similar is the case with writing. Do not drive away from the point you were explaining. Do not go into unnecessary details and history when they are not helpful for the reader. Value your time and try to do it for others too.

Each sentence should add value to your essay

When you are writing the final copy of your essay, look at every sentence carefully and analyze their worth. Make sure each sentence is unique individually and adds value to your paper. Do not just try to achieve a certain word count rather evaluate your words. See the effect of your sentence on the overall essay.

Use the right words

Often students confuse this with using complex vocabulary and difficult words. No, the key to a good writing is using as simple language as possible. If you can complete a sentence with simple words, do not go for less common words to increase the complexity of your paper.


  • Do not use jargon
  • Use the correct grammar
  • Proof read and edit

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