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Where to Get a Good Example of 5 Paragraph Essay

A five paragraph essay is always a change. This is because the student has to express their thoughts and information in a short space. Where to get a good example of 5 paragraph essay, can greatly help the student. By showing them how to develop ideas and means to present them.

  1. Textbooks and Handbooks
  2. Web Sites
  3. Libraries

Textbooks and Handbooks

Most students should have a personal library that has samples of a five paragraph essay. Textbooks and the writing handbooks, as well as the style guides will have sample essays in them. These examples can be used to show the student how to write a 5 paragraph essay. They will also have instructions on writing them to use with the examples. These books need to be in every student’s personal library. Three books that every student should have in their personal library are;

  1. English Textbook
  2. Writer’s Handbook
  3. At least one Style Guide (MLA)

The reason is these will help the student in more than just the samples they will contain. They will also help the student in writing their essays.

Web Sites

Web sites can vary in quality, but Student help sites, and College/ University sites are the best. This is because these sites qualify the material they allow for them. College and University sites usually use a student that had an exemplary essay. The school or instructor wants to use this an an example. Student help sites use qualified writers to create sample essays for students to use, and then check them for errors.

Some DIY sites are also critical of what they put up. But these sites need to be checked before using, the writer’s submission page is the best to look at. If they tell the writer all work is critiqued before posting, then they should be good.


Both the public and School libraries have many resources for these examples. Books on writing, as well as some media can be found on them. There are many anthologies of essays, and most libraries will have a good number of them. These will have anything from five paragraph essays to one to two thousand word essays. They will often have an assortment of writing books. These will have explanations and samples of different essays, including five paragraph essays. Some School Libraries may even have samples in their passion for students to look over.


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