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Impact of Educated Native American Women on the Children, Culture and Relationship

Native American women are person’s who their origin was associated the first origins of North America. Native Americans had diverse customs and culture, they had togetherness, and their cultural heritage offered a perfect model of the future successes of the nation. In addition they had a strong spiritual foundation.

However, Native American women were subjected to subjugation. They were treated differently from men justified by sexual orientation cultures and race. Men were deemed to be superior than women thus making women feel worthless .In addition women intelligence was not put in to consideration and there were made to carry out duties such as taking care of children. This was one of the major cultural practices which played a great role in their increased poverty.

The Native Americans increased in population resources became scarce. There was decline of the Native American nations due to starvation, foreign diseases and extermination. These were major issues confronting the Native Americans. They therefore came up with various initiatives to improve their economic conditions one of them being educating girl child. Arguably, education was not very significant to them though they advocated so as fight poverty.

Eventually women were empowered through education, but still they were reserved by the underdeveloped territories of the Native Americans. They decided to relocate and develop their careers elsewhere. They were for so long silenced by hierarchy dominated by men, but they choose to break the bonds of tradition and fight for well being of their people.

Therefore, there was an n increase in the number of women participation in the labor force which contributed directly the growth of their income. First, empowered women were in better position to take care of their children. They were no longer dependant on their husbands but rather contributed to the household. They provided better nutrition for their children, there was reduced mortality rate since women could afford health facilities during birth. In addition population growth was controlled since women were able to control the rate of giving birth. They were also able to educate their children which generally improved the economy.

Secondly, the relationships were improved. Women became well informed of their legal rights which made men shy away from violence. These values of women employment incorporated the spirit of Women empowerment equality was achieved and human development was considered greatly.

A society where the opportunities were equally provided, where there was equal treatment and no discrimination working together emerged. This ensured that the rights deprived from people considered as lesser (women) in the society were taken back. As a result there was no disconnection among members of the society, there was togetherness and people felt they are not left out due to their gender.


Women employment was seen as a threat to culture. Women were empowered and therefore they were no longer the subordinates. They became politically active and power dominance. This was against the Native Americans culture and believes.


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