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Great Argumentative Essay Topics On Government – 10 Fresh Ideas

If you are searching for great argumentative essay topics on government consider the 10 fresh ideas provided by US essay writers below:

  1. You can compare your government to that of another government to see which is more effective
  2. You can review when a government stepped over human rights and whether or not any aspect of the government was punished for this behavior
  3. You can explore whether government has the ability to spy on its friends without legal ramifications
  4. You can review what you believe to be the best form of government compared to the alternatives
  5. You can explore what form of democracy the founding fathers had in mind compared to what form of democracy , or not even democracy, exists today in the United States
  6. You can review how government leaders should be prosecuted when they commit personal crimes
  7. You can review the use of the presidential pardon among government officials
  8. You can explore the unlimited ability of a government to circumvent the standard legal proceedings
  9. You can also write a paper which explores the manner in which a government can change over time in terms of its legislation or guiding principles
  10. You can explore which historical or present-day government you believe to be most effective for your particular culture and expound upon why you hold that belief

When you set out to pick a topic it is important that you consider things which interest you. You want to make sure that the topic you select is something you find exciting or at the very least interesting. If you are interested in your topic it will show through in your writing and your teacher will see that. If you are disinterested in your topic that will also show through your teacher will notice straightaway. When you set about to pick a topic you should brainstorm potential ideas and have at least two or three ideas ready to test before you decide upon any particular idea.

When you are picking topics you want to make sure that you were fine your topic so that best fits within the guidelines of your assignment. It is important to also note that in most cases the initial topic you select will be far too broad. This is a general problem faced by many students. All these things will contribute to an overall improved and more refined topic.


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