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Where To Find Examples Of Essays Written In The MLA Style

MLA style is actually not a hard format to work with when you are writing an essay but there are some general rules about how you need to set up your essay.  The first thing that you need to know is that you don’t have a title page for this kind of essay but you do put your name, instructors name, course, and date flush left at the top of your essay and your last name and page number in the right hand corner of each page in the header.

All subtitles are centers and quotes don’t have quotations but are indented on each line.  And like every research paper the last section of your paper is the references of where you go your work and don’t forget to put you in text citations in as well.

Finding Examples Of MLA Style Papers

I told you the basics of how a MLA style paper is set up but using examples can help you better understand the format and ensure that you do it correctly.  These examples can be found in many places and I will tell you the best places to find these examples.

  • As always the Internet has examples of these kinds of papers online and doing a simple search will give you results of MLA style papers.  The best places to find these examples is on college and university sites but there are some sites that specialize in this kind of writing that you can find online.  You can also search for PDFs that you can save and use later as a reference on how to write a MLA style paper.
  • If the online search didn’t help you find examples that you like, then you can ask you local or college librarian if they have any samples or if they can point you in the right direction to a book that will be able to help you find examples.
  • You could also go out and purchase a book on MLA style from a bookstore.  If you are going to be using this format for every paper this might be a good investment for later reference.
  • Still confused?  As your instructor to help you find examples of MLA format, they might even have some handouts that might help you write this kind of paper.  Also they will give you the exact instruction on how they want you to write your MLA format paper.

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