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Looking For Examples Of Literary Criticism Essays: 5 Rules To Follow

There are usually people discussing about literature and they would try and critique it. As you know, literature is more about the feelings of the author at the time, the situation back then and the environment it was like – authors can choose to express his or her feelings directly or subtly. However, this would almost always attract criticism, whether it is valid or not. That is why you need to be critical when you write your own essays and also be smart when you read examples of literacy criticism essays.

This guide is written help you in your assignment when you are looking for examples – there are 5 main rules that you have to follow:

#1 – Be unbiased

As human beings, this may be very tough, but when you are evaluating someone else’s work, you must view it in a neutral, third person perspective. If you love the author, then it might be difficult to do that.

Try and evaluate the work in an unbiased manner and you will able to build a very strong argument.

#2 – Be Critical

It doesn’t matter who the author is, if he has stated something wrong or incorrect, then you have the responsibility to point it out. That’s what being critical means – you don’t have to say anything negative about the author, all you have to do is to state the gap in the author’s work.

#3 – Be Analytical

If you are able to point out what the author wanted to express, then that’s great! But you have to state what the work could mean as well. You have to analyse the situation in the work and the time at which the author wrote the work. Cross-referencing is very important when you are analysing literature. This would give you a stronger, more critical argument in your essay.

#4 – Don’t just look at the work of ONE critic’s essay!

That would make your essay a lot more biased towards one person’s opinion. Instead, try and find multiple sources and read them all. Make notes about what you genuinely think and analyse the literature yourself. There is no right or wrong answer here, as long as you can justify what you say.

#5 – Read examples from credible authors only

There are many people who try to criticise others’ work, even if they are not qualified. That is why you should only read work written by established professionals. That would encourage you to write a better essay!


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