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How Do I Write a Strong Critical Analysis Paper: A Guide

When writing a critical analysis paper, you present your topic or whatever it may be you plan to analyze. Often critical analysis papers provide a formal analysis of subjects like books, people, places or really anything of personal interest. Follow this guide to write a strong critical analysis paper:

  1. Select Topic of Analysis

    The first step to writing a strong critical analysis paper is selecting a topic of analysis. Consider what you would like to read and research about extensively. Would you rather critique a classical book or a modern movie? Also, consider any prompts or assignments provided by the teacher when selecting the topic. Picking a strong topic will set the tone for your strong finished paper.

  2. Research Topic

    After you have settled on a topic of analysis, you will want to learn everything you can about the topic. It is important to develop both a broad understanding of the topic generally, as well as research the nuisances of your specific area of analysis. For instance, when writing an analysis of the band Paramore, it would be smart to research the origin, genre and other basics of the band. This information may help you better understand why Paramore is the way it is.

  3. Take Notes on Topic

    While researching it is great to take notes. Later you will be able to reference these notes and draw deductions from your research, rather than attempting to recall from only memory. Also, by taking notes, you will be able to draw more connections in your research. You will make connections from source to source and argument to argument, drawing connections where you may not have if it were not for your notes. Take these notes and your research to create an outline for yourself.

  4. Execute Writing

    While looking at your outline, executing the writing process should be pain free. Your outline acts as the roadmap for your paper. In your introduction you will introduce your topic of analysis, any vital information about the topic and provide your thesis statement. The thesis statement will present your topic and outline your points of analysis. Moving into the body of your paper, your critical analysis will be done here. Continue following your outline through the body paragraphs, to the conclusion of your paper. The conclusion is where you will wrap up any last ideas or points, not presenting new information.

So, after all of this you have your first draft of your critical analysis paper. It is important that you edit this draft, keeping the best of your writing and changing/removing the rest. By following this guide you will create a strong critical analysis paper sure to pass with flying colors.


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