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Writing Simple Essays: General Rules to Follow


Simple, short essays are not difficult to write if you keep a few rules about content, structure, thesis statements, and introductions and closings in mind.

Essay Layout

No matter what the topic is of your essay, be it an informative essay or a persuasive essay, all essays follow a definite structure.

The Five-Paragraph Essay Structure

  1. Thesis paragraph

    The thesis paragraph contains some introductory sentences about your topic and moves into a more narrow thesis statement at the end.

    Sample thesis statement:

    “I am going to focus on the dolphin’s habitat in the Atlantic Ocean,” for example.

  2. Body paragraphs for support of your thesis.

    Paragraphs 2-4. Evidence of your persuasive thesis or more information about your informative thesis (for example, further evidence of this fact can be seen in . . . ” or, for an informative essay, “Another fascinating fact about dolphins is that . . .

  3. Concluding Paragraph:

    In this paragraph, you want to move to a final statement about your topic. The entire paragraph should move to a tone of finality with a dash of drama. One trick is to bring your topic into the very current moment.

  4. “Today, however, dolphins are in danger of . . . “

    Now, you will have longer essay structure assignments than this, but all of them, really, follow an introduction, body paragraphs, and closing kind of structure.

Bringing in Research

Whether this is a research paper or an informal personal essay, you’ll want to bring in specific examples that illustrate your thesis with concrete details. You can use research to provide this in research-based essays or personal examples in a memorable experience essay.

For evidence-based argumentative, persuasive, or issue analysis essays (for example, analyzing the problem of global warming), you can start at your local library or school’s library and, after gathering the kind of expanded sources they will expose you to via school software access, you can gather more information on the web if you wish.

The Importance of Revision

Even simple essays must go through the revision process in order to improve and be worthy of handing in to any instructor. Revision is important because the second or third time you begin improving your paper, it is one step closer to becoming the best essay you can write, which is the goal of any school assignment.

Another great revision trick is that, before the final polish revision, read the paper aloud marking down errors as you go. Your voice will slow down your eye, even if you’ve read it many times already, and you’ll catch errors your eye might have missed.

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