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How to Write an Essay the Proper Way

As fall approaches students head back to school.  Once there the education process begins, as well as homework assignments.  Every student will be required to write an essay at least once a year, and the student needs to know how to write the essay in a proper manner.    While each teacher has a different set of requirements, every essay assignment is very similar in nature.  Writing the essay in a proper manner is the key to having a successful piece of work that will impress and satisfy the teacher.

Essay Requirements

  • Pre-writing.  Every essay and writing piece in general has to have pre-writing.  Pre-writing consists of coming up with the ideas, and then researching the idea.  No matter what topic the students choose, they have to research it. They have to be at an expert level when it comes to the topic. Having a deep knowledge of the topic will allow the student to be able to write on the subject with  a strong voice.
  • Outline.  The student should follow the pattern of creating an introduction, body, and conclusion, for the format of the essay. But before the student writes a single word they need to outline this pattern and decide how the information they have researched should be laid out.  Having the outline will help guide the student as they write, keeping the essay on point and comprehensive.
  • Write. Once the student has brainstormed and outlines the essay it comes time to actually write it. One thing the student needs to really work on is the voice of the piece. The student needs to write in third person, and maintain a voice of expert.  No matter the type of essay, it must sound academic.    The student needs to formulate their thoughts in a manner that makes sense and will flow.  
  • Edit.  No matter how proficient the student is, when it comes to writing for anything a student must edit their work.  They should even have it edited by a trusted peer or advisor.  No one ever wants to turn in work that has not been edited in some form. They will need to double check grammar, sentence flow, and the sound of the essay.  Editing can be difficult, but the student will find that it’s worth the effort.  

Using these ideas and guidelines for the essay, any student can successfully complete their essay. A teacher may have different guidelines, but overall these ideas will lead the student to a great essay. Heading back to school might mean more essay assignments, but writing them properly should be easy.


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