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Is Having Your Essays Written For You A Productive Way To Go?

Work, family, home life, lifestyle, school, and the homework that comes along with it all add onto one big pile. This pile can sometimes be too much to handle and needs some outsourcing or slimming. Many people will slim the pile and try to make life a little easier by paying someone to grocery shop, pick up errands or kids, and assign other people to write your essay or do your homework assignments.

It is arguable if having other people write your essays is productive or not. There are two sides to the coin and which coin you fall on depends on your personal opinions or philosophy about work and work ethic.

It can be productive when you have too many hands pulling you in too many different directions. If you are a working person supporting various people and trying to get an education, it may be more productive for you to outsource your essays. But it is advised to be cautious about what kind of essays you plan on having other people write. If you are a science major, it will not be the worst thing in the world to have someone else write your essay on Milton. But if you are an English major, it is quite unproductive to assign other people to do your work.

The reason for that is you have chosen that specific major for a reason, like English is either to become an editor, writer, paralegal, go the masters school, be a teacher or journalist. The skills you need to be successful can only be acquired through the practice and work of actually writing essays . Once you have a job it is nearly illegal to assign your work to someone else, your employer could fire you for it, could sue you for letting stories out to other people that are not part of the organization, or a principal may denounce your credibility as an English teacher.

As previously discussed, if you are not planning on needing the writing skills to be honed and the best possible, having your essays may be the most productive thing to do. This way the time you are saving from not having to write essays can be dedicated to other skills you need to perfect or better.


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