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How to Write a Paper in MLA Format: Academic Formatting Study Guidelines

Did you know when it comes to writing a paper in MLA format; many students may struggle with the correct paper format? However, learning MLA style is the format that scholarly journals, articles, encyclopedias, and other media sources use this format. Writers who are successful in using this format can build their credibility as a source who has experience in the information presented.

However, do many students know the steps to writing a MLA paper perfectly? Some students may be tempted to provide a cover page. However, a student shouldn’t worry about submitting a cover page unless their professor requests it. Setting the font will help a student determine how much information is needed to complete the entire paper. Did you know that New Times Roman is a common font for MLA papers? Usually, it is typical for MLA papers to include a 1” margin all the way around each side of standard, white, and 8X5 inch paper.

Students need to remember small touches

MLA papers are indented to the left on paragraphs on the first line of the paragraph. The page numbers must be flush to the right, with the author’s name and then the page number. A heading should be on the left and include the author’s name, instructor’s name, course title and date. Then, before the essay, a title should be typed in normal font, without italics and bold lettering.

Should students include quotations in their paper? If they do, they should make sure they do not plagiarize and cite their sources. How can you do that with quotations? Did you know that students should use quotation marks inside their quotation? When citing sources, name the source, don’t forget to cite the page numbers in parentheses and avoid using quotations more than four lines long, unless you plan to have quotes that stand on their own, in parenthesis marks.

Why work to make sure an MLA paper is perfect

  • It makes you look for credible as an authority.
  • You pay attention to fine-detail.
  • You get a better grade in your class
  • It could lead to recognition in the future; you decide to submit to journals, scholarly articles, and newspapers.
  • One spelling mistake may label you as being careless or not paying attention to detail enough.

Though the process may seem like it is a long list of do’s and don’ts, writing a great MLA paper just takes time. 


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