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A List Of Exciting Persuasive Essay Topics for Teenagers

Every time when a teacher says, “write an essay on….” the next words out of her mouth are drowned out due to the collective noise of groans, sighs and yawns coming from students in attendance. However, many youth now days, are concerned about quite a few things, and would eagerly share their opinions.

These are some essay topics by that will entice them to read, research, debate and write on –

  1. Should we have mandatory military service
  2. Mandatory military service means a service that is compulsorily required by specific civilians (young males) to serve the military for required amount of time. Taken, that it is compulsory, write an essay on should there be such a system that poses such obligations to its citizens.

  3. Should voting in the elections be made compulsory by law
  4. Many times you see people ignoring their civic duty for other business or simply out disinterest, however as much as voting is their right, civilians also have the right to not vote. Therefore, discuss should voting be made mandatory.

  5. Should Textbooks be replaced by tablets/computers?
  6. This is an age of information and technology. When we have progressed so much, should be stop textbooks in favor of tablets?

  7. Should there be co-ed sports team
  8. Why are there separate teams for girls and boys? Will a co-ed team ever work out or fail. Discuss.

  9. Are child artists unnoticed victims of child labor
  10. There are many cases of child actor go wrong stories than anyone can count. We have seen the most famous child artists having disastrous adulthood, is this due to the stress and pressure of work? Are child artists really unnoticed victims of child labor?

  11. Only food that fulfills nutrition requirements should be served in cafeteria
  12. Cafeteria food should be pleasing to the taste buds or should it primarily be concerned about the nutrition it provides the child.

  13. Should various religions be taught in schools
  14. Religion and misunderstanding it, has proved to be the reason for intolerance, should it be taught by schools?

  15. Is today’s youth aware of the country’s political events?
  16. Teens are usual considered to be ignorant by the adults, is this true, or are youths more aware of things happening around them than what adults think?

  17. Violent video games/movies lead to actual violence. Discuss
  18. Violent behavior is influenced by watching bloodshed on screen or not.

  19. Sex Education should be mandatory
  20. Youth should have a mandatory sex-education class to answer their questions or should such topics to be kept for students to discover themselves?

  21. Homework should be compulsory
  22. Should every teacher give compulsory homework to persuade children to study?


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